My name is Iris Eouzan. After a long hesitation between biology and painting, I finally managed to bring these two passions together. 

I started painting at age 8, the results were pretty catastrophic … I quickly dropped the brush, to devote myself to biology. 

The pleasure of painting came back to me at the age of 15, and followed me throughout my studies. Today I have a PhD in ecology and I paint animal portraits as well as abstract paintings. I I like to mix realism and abstract in my paintings.  

My pet portraits are visible on GreenyPaw, a website entirely dedicated to the animal portraits we both realize with a friend. You can also see them on our facebook page

My commitmentsare related to my passion for the animal world, that I want to paint with respect for Nature while participating with my own means to its protection. 

– I only use and buy synthetic hair brushes (no brush made in squirrel, marten, goat or other animals hairs).

– The shipment is made in PEFC certified cardboard shirts (from sustainably managed forests), and in 100% recycled cardboard envelopes.

– Finally, the reference images for my paintings on sale are used with the agreement of the photographer or free of copyright (obtained on the application Pixabay).